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QuickVoice for iPhone, iPod, and iPad

QuickVoice PRO is the iPhone/iPod/iPad's premier recorder, with SpinVox speech technology used for sending text emails using just voice and a few touches--as in no typing required.

Both QuickVoice for the iPhone and the computer "companion" app are ideal for capturing ideas, voice memos, dictation, "to do" lists, classes, meetings, even entire lectures and seminars! Ideal for professional, educational, and personal use.

No other speech app comes close in features or value!

            * Simple ‘Touch & Speak’ Design!
            * SpinVox Voice2Text Emails to 30-seconds!
            * Send Voicemails Up To 20MB!
            * Built-In Ringtone Recording Function!
            * Pause Record...a must have!
            * Adjustable Recording Qualities to 44.1kHz!
            * Records For Seconds or Hours!
            * BONUS Desktop Recorder with built-in SYNC! **
            * Multitask...use Other Apps While Continuing to Record!

** Now, but for a limited time, your purchase also includes a free bonus version of our award winning computer app...QuickVoice for Mac or Windows.

News!!! QuickVoice now features built-in ringtone recording so now you can produce your own custom ringtones easily and for free!  Produce ringtones using recordings of your music, friends and family, or sound effects then assign different ringtones tones to different Contacts - - very cool!


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"What's On iPhone" says, "If we have earned any degree of trust here on “What’s On iPhone” then TRUST ME NOW!!! BUY THIS APP."

"Gizmodo" says, "There are lots of other voice recorders in the App Store but we're liking QuickVoice."

"Macworld" says, " QuickVoice features a slick interface and many useful features!"